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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
AI and protein structure and function in neurological disease: relevance to disease managementOuteiro TF, Vieira TCRGNature Reviews Neurology2023
A Versatile Synaptotagmin‐1 Nanobody Provides Perturbation‐Free Live Synaptic Imaging And Low Linkage‐Error in Super‐Resolution Microscopy(Open Access) Queiroz Zetune Villa Real K, Mougios N, (...), Opazo FSmall Methods2023
Proteomic analysis of the human hippocampus identifies neuronal pentraxin 1 (NPTX1) as synapto‐axonal target in late‐stage Parkinson's disease(Open Access) Warth Perez Arias CC, Silbern I, (...), Lingor PJournal of Neurochemistry2023
Metabolic switch from fatty acid oxidation to glycolysis in knock-in mouse model of Barth syndrome(Open Access) Chowdhury A, Boshnakovska A, (...), Rehling PEMBO Molecular Medicine2023
Aggregation and beyond: alpha-synuclein-based biomarkers in synucleinopathiesChopra A, Outeiro TFBrain2023
The alpha-synuclein oligomers activate nuclear factor of activated T-cell (NFAT) modulating synaptic homeostasis and apoptosis(Open Access) Sant’Anna R, Robbs BK, (...), Foguel DMolecular Medicine2023
A viral ADP-ribosyltransferase attaches RNA chains to host proteins(Open Access) Wolfram-Schauerte M, Pozhydaieva N, (...), Höfer KNature2023
Boosting of neural circuit chaos at the onset of collective oscillations(Open Access) Palmigiano A, Engelken R, Wolf FeLife2023
Increased alpha-synuclein and neuroinflammation in the substantia nigra triggered by systemic inflammation are reversed by targeted inhibition of the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE)Oppermann Peixoto D, Bittencourt RR, (...), Pens Gelain DJournal of Neurochemistry2023
Baseline levels of miR-223-3p correlate with the effectiveness of electroconvulsive therapy in patients with major depression(Open Access) Kaurani L, Besse M, (...), Zilles-Wegner DTranslational Psychiatry2023