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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
NanoPlex: a universal strategy for fluorescence microscopy multiplexing using nanobodies with erasable signals(Open Access) Mougios N, Cotroneo ER, (...), Opazo FbioRxiv2024
Formation of memory assemblies through the DNA-sensing TLR9 pathway(Open Access) Jovasevic V, Wood EM, (...), Radulovic JNature2024
Mechanisms of simultaneous linear and nonlinear computations at the mammalian cone photoreceptor synapse(Open Access) Grabner CP, Futagi D, (...), DeVries SHNature Communications2023
Changes in α-Synuclein Posttranslational Modifications in an AAV-Based Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease(Open Access) Brembati V, Faustini G, Longhena F, Outeiro TF, Bellucci AInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences2023
Uncovering the molecular link between lead toxicity and Parkinson’s diseaseShvachiy L, Geraldes V, Outeiro TAntioxidants & Redox Signaling2023
Trafficking proteins show limited differences in mobility across different postsynaptic spines(Open Access) Mougios N, Opazo F, Rizzoli SO, Reshetniak SiScience2023
Phase Separation in Biology and Disease; Current Perspectives and Open Questions(Open Access) Boeynaems S, Chong S, (...), Kriwacki RJournal of Molecular Biology2023
Neurodegenerative disease of the brain: a survey of interdisciplinary approaches(Open Access) Davenport F, Gallacher J, (...), Zetterberg HJournal of The Royal Society Interface2023
Deep learning enables fast, gentle STED microscopy(Open Access) Ebrahimi V, Stephan T, (...), Han KYbioRxiv2023
Condensate biology of synaptic vesicle clusters(Open Access) Sansevrino R, Hoffmann C, Milovanovic DTrends in Neurosciences2023