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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
DiSCERN - Deep Single Cell Expression ReconstructioN for improved cell clustering and cell subtype and state detection(Open Access) Hausmann F, Ergen-Behr C, (...), Bonn SbioRxiv2022
Extracellular alpha-synuclein: Sensors, receptors, and responses(Open Access) Domingues R, Sant’Anna R, da Fonseca ACC, Robbs BK, Foguel D, Outeiro TFNeurobiology of Disease2022
The small aromatic compound SynuClean-D inhibits the aggregation and seeded polymerization of multiple α-synuclein strains(Open Access) Peña-Díaz S, Pujols J, (...), Ventura SJournal of Biological Chemistry2022
Extracellular Matrix Recycling as a Novel Plasticity Mechanism With a Potential Role in Disease(Open Access) Dankovich TM, Rizzoli SOFrontiers in Cellular Neuroscience2022
The future of Parkinson’s disease research: A new paradigm of human-specific investigation is necessary… and possible(Open Access) Cassotta MALTEX-Alternatives to Animal Experimentation2022
Optogenetics and electron tomography for structure-function analysis of cochlear ribbon synapses(Open Access) Chakrabarti R, Jaime Tobón LM, (...), Wichmann CbioRxiv2022
Optimal precision and accuracy in 4Pi-STORM using dynamic spline PSF models(Open Access) Bates M, Keller-Findeisen J, (...), Hell SWNature Methods2022
An iodine-containing probe as a tool for molecular detection in secondary ion mass spectrometry(Open Access) Kabatas Glowacki S, Agüi-Gonzalez P, (...), Rizzoli SOChemical Communications2022
Aromaticity at position 39 in α‐synuclein: A modulator of amyloid fibril assembly and membrane‐bound conformations(Open Access) Buratti FA, Boeffinger N, (...), Fernández COProtein Science2022
Resolving the molecular architecture of the photoreceptor active zone with 3D-MINFLUX(Open Access) Grabner CP, Jansen I, (...), Moser TScience Advances2022