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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
RIM-Binding Proteins Are Required for Normal Sound-Encoding at Afferent Inner Hair Cell Synapses(Open Access) Krinner S, Predoehl F, Burfeind D, Vogl C, Moser TFrontiers in Molecular Neuroscience2021
The effect of polydispersity, shape fluctuations and curvature on small unilamellar vesicle small-angle X-ray scattering curves(Open Access) Chappa V, Smirnova Y, Komorowski K, Müller M, Salditt TJournal of Applied Crystallography2021
Synapsin Condensates Recruit alpha-Synuclein(Open Access) Hoffmann C, Sansevrino R, (...), Milovanovic DJournal of Molecular Biology2021
Presynaptic activity and protein turnover are correlated at the single-synapse level(Open Access) Jähne S, Mikulasch F, (...), Priesemann VCell Reports2021
Molecular Profiling Reveals Involvement of ESCO2 in Intermediate Progenitor Cell Maintenance in the Developing Mouse Cortex(Open Access) Ulmke PA, Sakib MS, (...), Tuoc TStem Cell Reports2021
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Imaging Reveals Changes in the Lipid Structure of the Plasma Membranes of Hippocampal Neurons following Drugs Affecting Neuronal Activity(Open Access) Agüi-Gonzalez P, Guobin B, Gomes de Castro MA, Rizzoli SO, Phan NTNACS Chemical Neuroscience2021
Gold-conjugated Nanobodies for Targeted Imaging using High-resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry(Open Access) Agüi-Gonzalez P, Dankovich TM, Opazo F, Rizzoli SO, Phan NTPreprints2021
Alpha-synuclein induces epigenomic dysregulation of glutamate signaling and locomotor pathways(Open Access) Schaffner SL, Wassouf Z, (...), Kobor MSbioRxiv2021
Super-resolution microscopy informs on the molecular architecture of alpha-synuclein inclusions in model systems and in the human brain(Open Access) Weish P, Lazaro DF, (...), Outeiro TFbioRxiv2021
RIM-Binding Protein 2 organizes Ca2+ channel topography and regulates release probability and vesicle replenishment at a fast central synapse(Open Access) Butola T, Alvanos T, (...), Moser TbioRxiv2021