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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Polychaetoid/ZO-1 strengthens cell junctions under tension while localizing differently than core adherens junction proteins(Open Access) Peifer M, Schmidt A, (...), Wolf FMolecular Biology of the Cell2023
Boosting of neural circuit chaos at the onset of collective oscillations(Open Access) Palmigiano A, Engelken R, Wolf FeLife2023
The long-loop recycling (LLR) of synaptic components as a question of economics(Open Access) Georgiev SV, Rizzoli SOMolecular and Cellular Neuroscience2023
SparseProp: Efficient Event-Based Simulation and Training of Sparse Recurrent Spiking Neural Networks(Open Access) Engelken RarXiv2023
Prion-like α-synuclein pathology in the brain of infants with Krabbe disease(Open Access) Hatton C, Ghanem SS, (...), Erskine DBrain2022
Signals from the interface: protein nanoclusters stabilize biomolecular condensates(Open Access) Hoffmann C, Rankovic B, Milovanovic DSignal Transduct Target Ther2022
Monitoring the interactions between alpha-synuclein and Tau in vitro and in vivo using bimolecular fluorescence complementation(Open Access) Torres-Garcia L, P. Domingues JM, (...), Li JScientific Reports2022
Identification of distinct cytotoxic granules as the origin of supramolecular attack particles in T lymphocytes(Open Access) Chang HF, Schirra C, (...), Rettig JNature Communications2022
Colocalization of different neurotransmitter transporters on synaptic vesicles is sparse except for VGLUT1 and ZnT3Upmanyu N, Jin J, (...), Sambandan SNeuron2022
Methods for multiscale structural and functional analysis of the mammalian cochleaVogl C, Neef J, Wichmann CMolecular and Cellular Neuroscience2022