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Title ▴AuthorsJournalPublication year
A 2A R‐induced transcriptional deregulation in astrocytes: An in vitro studyPaiva I, Carvalho K, (...), Blum DGlia2019
A combined miRNA–piRNA signature to detect Alzheimer’s disease(Open Access) Jain G, Stuendl A, (...), Fischer ATranslational Psychiatry2019
A comparative analysis of the mobility of 45 proteins in the synaptic bouton(Open Access) Reshetniak S, Ußling J, (...), Rizzoli SOEMBO Journal2020
A large-scale nanoscopy and biochemistry analysis of postsynaptic dendritic spines(Open Access) Helm MS, Dankovich TM, (...), Rizzoli SONature Neuroscience2021
A mass spectrometry workflow for measuring protein turnover rates in vivo(Open Access) Alevra M, Mandad S, Ischebeck T, Urlaub H, Rizzoli SO, Fornasiero EFNature Protocols2019
A microRNA signature that correlates with cognition and is a target against cognitive decline(Open Access) Islam MR, Kaurani L, (...), Fischer AEMBO Molecular Medicine2021
A minimalist model to measure interactions between proteins and synaptic vesicles(Open Access) Perego E, Reshetniak S, (...), Köster SScientific Reports2020
A nanobody-based fluorescent reporter reveals human α-synuclein in the cell cytosol(Open Access) Gerdes C, Waal N, (...), Opazo FNature Communications2020
A novel miR-99b-5p-Zbp1 pathway in microglia contributes to the pathogenesis of schizophrenia(Open Access) Kaurani L, Islam MR, (...), Fischer AbioRxiv2023
A practical guide to optimization in X10 expansion microscopyTruckenbrodt S, Sommer C, Rizzoli SO, Danzl JGNature Protocols2019