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Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Imaging Reveals Changes in the Lipid Structure of the Plasma Membranes of Hippocampal Neurons following Drugs Affecting Neuronal Activity(Open Access) Agüi-Gonzalez P, Guobin B, Gomes de Castro MA, Rizzoli SO, Phan NTNACS Chemical Neuroscience2021
Combined Use of Unnatural Amino Acids Enables Dual-Color Super-Resolution Imaging of Proteins via Click ChemistrySaal K, Richter F, Rehling P, Rizzoli SOACS Nano2018
Lipids, lysosomes and mitochondria: insights into Lewy body formation from rare monogenic disorders(Open Access) Erskine D, Koss D, Korolchuk VI, Outeiro TF, Attems J, McKeith IActa Neuropathologica2021
Membrane binding, internalization, and sorting of alpha-synuclein in the cell(Open Access) Masaracchia C, Hnida M, (...), Outeiro TFActa Neuropathologica Communications2018
Nuclear alpha-synuclein is present in the human brain and is modified in dementia with Lewy bodies(Open Access) Koss DJ, Erskine D, (...), Outeiro TFActa Neuropathologica Communications2022
Principles of brain aging: Status and challenges of modeling human molecular changes in miceKluever V, Fornasiero EFAgeing Research Reviews2021
SUMO1-conjugation is altered during normal aging but not by increased amyloid burden(Open Access) Stankova T, Piepkorn L, Bayer TA, Jahn O, Tirard MAging Cell2018
Increased expression of myelin-associated genes in frontal cortex of <i>SNCA</i> overexpressing rats and Parkinson's disease patients.(Open Access) Hentrich T, Wassouf Z, (...), Schulze-Hentrich JMAging-US2020
The future of Parkinson’s disease research: A new paradigm of human-specific investigation is necessary… and possible(Open Access) Cassotta MALTEX-Alternatives to Animal Experimentation2022
Boron‐Containing Probes for Non‐optical High‐Resolution Imaging of Biological Samples(Open Access) Kabatas S, Agüi‐Gonzalez P, (...), Phan NTNAngewandte Chemie-International Edition2019