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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Excess Phosphoserine-129 α-Synuclein Induces Synaptic Vesicle Trafficking and Declustering Defects at a Vertebrate Synapse(Open Access) Wallace JN, Crockford ZC, (...), Morgan JRMol Biol Cell2023
Developmental changes of the mitochondria in the murine anteroventral cochlear nucleus(Open Access) Hintze A, Lange F, (...), Wichmann CiScience2023
Lipid vesicle pools studied by passive X-ray microrheology(Open Access) Czajka T, Neuhaus C, (...), Salditt TThe European Physical Journal E2023
Region-Specific Phosphorylation Determines Neuroligin-3 Localization to Excitatory versus Inhibitory SynapsesAltas B, Tuffy LP, (...), Poulopoulos ABiological Psychiatry2023
B36.00008: Membrane fusion as a pathway to fission(Open Access) Spencer RK, Müller MAPS March Meeting 20242023
Age-dependent structural reorganization of utricular ribbon synapses(Open Access) Michanski S, Henneck T, (...), Wichmann CFrontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology2023
Prion-like α-synuclein pathology in the brain of infants with Krabbe disease(Open Access) Hatton C, Ghanem SS, (...), Erskine DBrain2022
Signals from the interface: protein nanoclusters stabilize biomolecular condensates(Open Access) Hoffmann C, Rankovic B, Milovanovic DSignal Transduct Target Ther2022
Monitoring the interactions between alpha-synuclein and Tau in vitro and in vivo using bimolecular fluorescence complementation(Open Access) Torres-Garcia L, P. Domingues JM, (...), Li JScientific Reports2022
Identification of distinct cytotoxic granules as the origin of supramolecular attack particles in T lymphocytes(Open Access) Chang HF, Schirra C, (...), Rettig JNature Communications2022