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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
The multifaceted mitochondrial OXA insertase(Open Access) Homberg B, Rehling P, Cruz-Zaragoza LDTrends in Cell Biology2023
Intermittent Lead Exposure Induces Behavioral and Cardiovascular Alterations Associated with Neuroinflammation(Open Access) Shvachiy L, Amaro-Leal A, Outeiro TF, Rocha I, Geraldes VCells2023
Characterizing the differential distribution and targets of Sumo1 and Sumo2 in the mouse brain(Open Access) Suk TR, Nguyen TT, (...), Rousseaux MWiScience2023
Impact of Phosphorylation on alpha-Synuclein Structural Determinants(Open Access) Dorn AE, de Bruyn E, (...), Carloni PbioRxiv2023
Reverse-time analysis uncovers universality classes in directional biological dynamics(Open Access) Lenner N, Eule S, Großhans J, Wolf FarXiv2023
Towards a Biological Definition of Parkinson’s Disease(Open Access) Höglinger GU, Adler CH, (...), Lang AEPreprints2023
Expansion-enhanced super-resolution radial fluctuations enable nanoscale molecular profiling of pathology specimens(Open Access) Kylies D, Zimmermann M, (...), Puelles VGNature Nanotechnology2023
Reverse-time analysis and boundary classification of directional biological dynamics with multiplicative noise(Open Access) Lenner N, Häring M, Eule S, Großhans J, Wolf FarXiv2023
Chemical Synthesis of Alpha‐Synuclein Proteins via Solid‐Phase Peptide Synthesis and Native Chemical Ligation(Open Access) Gatzemeier LM, Meyer F, Diederichsen U, Outeiro TFChemistry-A European Journal2023
A novel miR-99b-5p-Zbp1 pathway in microglia contributes to the pathogenesis of schizophrenia(Open Access) Kaurani L, Islam MR, (...), Fischer AbioRxiv2023