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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Mechanisms of alpha-synuclein toxicity: An update and outlookBrás IC, Xylaki M, Outeiro TFProgress in Brain Research2019
A mass spectrometry workflow for measuring protein turnover rates in vivo(Open Access) Alevra M, Mandad S, Ischebeck T, Urlaub H, Rizzoli SO, Fornasiero EFNature Protocols2019
A combined miRNA–piRNA signature to detect Alzheimer’s disease(Open Access) Jain G, Stuendl A, (...), Fischer ATranslational Psychiatry2019
Seeding variability of different alpha synuclein strains in synucleinopathiesCandelise N, Schmitz M, (...), Zerr IAnnals of Neurology2019
Boron‐Containing Probes for Non‐optical High‐Resolution Imaging of Biological Samples(Open Access) Kabatas S, Agüi‐Gonzalez P, (...), Phan NTNAngewandte Chemie-International Edition2019
Combined Use of Unnatural Amino Acids Enables Dual-Color Super-Resolution Imaging of Proteins via Click ChemistrySaal K, Richter F, Rehling P, Rizzoli SOACS Nano2018
Nanobodies reveal an extra-synaptic population of SNAP-25 and Syntaxin 1A in hippocampal neurons(Open Access) Maidorn M, Olichon A, Rizzoli SO, Opazo FmAbs2018
The role of LRRK2 in cell signalling(Open Access) Harvey K, Outeiro TFBiochemical Society Transactions2018
Kollaboratives Forschungszentrum (Sonderforschungsbereich, SFB) 1286 „Quantitative Synaptologie“(Open Access) Schubert K, Rizzoli SONeuroforum2018
Circulating miRNAs as Diagnostic Biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease(Open Access) Roser AE, Caldi Gomes L, Schünemann J, Maass F, Lingor PFrontiers in Neuroscience2018